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Cases that changed our lives. Volume 2

Cases that changed our lives.

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Edition Details

  • Language: English
  • Jurisdiction(s): England
  • Publication Information: London : LexisNexis, [2014]
  • Publication Type (Medium): Trials, litigation, etc, Cases
  • Type: Book
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Short Description

XXX, 236 pages ; 25 cm

Purpose and Intended Audience

Useful for students learning an area of law, Cases that changed our lives. Volume 2 is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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Bibliographic information

  • Publisher: LexisNexis
  • Responsable Person: Ian McDougall, general editor ; with James Wilson and a team of specialist contributors.
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Country/State: England
  • Number of Editions: 2 editions
  • First edition Date: 2014
  • Last edition Date: 2014
  • Languages: English
  • Library of Congress Code: KD658
  • Dewey Code: 348.04
  • ISBN: 9781405791458 1405791454
  • OCLC: 892859514

Main Contents

Foreword: The Right Honourable The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales; Preface: Ian McDougall, VP & Legal Director, LexisNexis International; List of Contributors; Table of Cases; PART I – THE RESTRAINT OF KINGS – “BE YOU NEVER SO HIGH …”; 1. The Golden Met-wand and Measure – Prohibitions del Roy (Matthew Seys-Llewellyn); 2. The Trial of Charles I (Geoffrey Robertson QC); 3. Elected Leader or Sun King? The Supreme Court Decides whether the President is above the Law in US v Nixon (Professor Tamara Rice Lave); PART II – MODERN PUBLIC LAW; 4. Anisminic Ltd v Foreign Compensation Commission: A Beacon for Accountability (Michael Fordham QC); 5. Giving Effect to the Intentions of Parliament: Pepper v Hart (Oliver Jones); 6. A Hunting We Will Go? R (Jackson and Others) v Attorney General (Alexander Horne); 7. 'On remand in police custody' or how the QPC provides litigants with recourse to the consititutional courts (Professor Bertrand Mathieu); 8. Kable's Case and the Rule of Law (The Hon Kevin Lindgren AM QC); 9. An important strike for freedom of speech: Dhooharika v Director of Public Prosecutions (Mark Stephens); PART III – LAW AND WAR; 10. Silence of the laws: Dissent and democracy in Liversidge v Anderson (Dexter Dias QC); 11. The First Nuremberg Trial and its Enduring Legacy: “Even Rulers Are Under God And The Law” (Steven Kay QC); PART IV – LAW, EQUALITY, RELIGION AND DISCRIMINATION – THREE US CASES; 12. Brown v Board of Education (Kenneth R Thompson II); 13. The Right of Privacy: Roe v Wade (Linda Greenhouse); 14. “Respect for their Private Lives”: Lawrence v Texas (Stephen Hetherington); PART V – LAW, EQUALITY, RELIGION AND DISCRIMINATION – THREE BRITISH CASES; 15. Banning the Jilbab in School – A Violation of a Pupil's Right to Manifest Religion? R (Sabina Begum) v Governors of Denbigh High School (Lynne Townley); 16. Having to Pick and Choose: Eweida & Others v the United Kingdom (James Wilson); 17. There's Nowt so Queer as Folk: Bull vs. Hall (Karon Monaghan QC); PART VI – CIVIL LAW; 18. When Louisa Carlill Caught the 'Flu: Carlill v The Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. (John Randall QC); 19. Disregard the Merits? Interim Injunctions under American Cyanamid Co. v Ethicon Ltd (No.1) (Paul Lowenstein QC & Scott Ralston); 20. Puncturing Metaphor: the Supreme Court and the Corporate Veil: Prest v Petrodel Resources Ltd & Others (John Wilson QC); 21. A First Step Towards A European 'Compensation Culture' And A Catalyst for Change: Courage v Crehan (Collette Rawnsley); A Final Word; Index

Summary Note

A collection of essays that examines key cases (both UK and international) that have changed or created the rules and procedures which govern our lives and which we abide by. It takes a retrospective look at the circumstances behind the results of these cases, examining the facts and the lasting legacies.

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