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Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America, and of the Several States of the American Union; With References to the Civil and Other Systems of Foreign Law

by John Bouvier

The following computer-generated description may contain errors and does not represent the quality of the book:
New Yokk, November 20, 1839 Dear Sik :I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 30 th uU., accompanied with your Law Dictionary, and for which I sincerely thank you. I have not heen insensible of the value of the gift, for I have run over almost every article in it, and beg leave to add that I have been deeply impressed with the evidences throughout the volumes of the industry, skill, learning, and judgment with which the work has been compiled. I have found it very instructive, and shall not fail to recommend its utility to the student whenever a due opportunity occurs. With my best wishes for your health, and for perseverance in your labors for the honor of the profession, I am, respectfully and truly, yours, James Kent. Hon. John BonviEE. From Hon. Simon Greenleap. Cambkidge, December 17, 1839.Dear Sib: Tour letter of 30 th October, with the accompanying first volume of your Law Dictionary, did not reach me till this day. The second volume from a source till now unknown was received a few days ago. I had previously looked over those belonging to Mr. Justice Story. I pray you, dear sir, to accept my unfeigned thanks, not only for the books, which will be highly prized, but for having made so valuable an addition to our professional apparatus. For extent of research, clearness of definitions and illustration, variety of matter, and exactness of learning, it is not surpassed by any in use, and, on every icoouut, I think it preferable to them all. I am, dear sir, with sincere respect, your obedient servant, Hon. J.BoDViER. Simon Greenleaf. Prom Hon. Benj. Robbins Curtis, One of tlie Associate Judges of the Supreme Court of the United States. Boston, April 14, 1853.Messrs. Childs Peterson, Gentlemen: I received the copy of Bouviers Law Dictionary, which you did me the honor to send to me. I have examined it with some care, and have pleasure in expressing my opinion that it is a work of much importance to students, and very useful to practitioners of the law. Compared with any other similar work which has fallen under my notice, I should not hesitate to give it a decided preference, as being far more full and comprehensive than any other, and I have seen no reason to question its accu aoy With much respect, I am your obedient servant, B.R. Curtis. Prom Hon. Roger B.Taney, Cliief-Justice of the United States. Baltimore, May 11, 1853.Gentlemen :Unavoidable circumstances have prevented me from acknowledging sooner the reneipt of a copy of the late Judge Bouviers Law Dictionary. Thave looked into the work with attention, and think it superior, as a Law Dictionary, to any other work of that character which I have had an opportunity of examining. The number of heads in which it is arranged, and the cases cited to support and illustrate the prlneiples stated, adds much to its value. It is a very convenient book to refer to, especially when one is pressed for time. I am glad to hear that his Institutes of American Law have been so successful. They certainly deserve it. With great respect, I am, dear sirs, your obedient servant, Messrs Childs Peterson. R.B. Tanet. Prom Hon. John MeLEAN, One of the Associate Judges of the Supreme Ckart of the United States. Bouviers Law Dictionary is a work so well known to the profession, and so highly appreciated, that no commendation of it is necessary. It is an elaborate production, unequalled by any other of the kind in this country or in England. I have before me the fourth edition, revised, improved, and greatly enlarged, published in 1852. This edition is nearly one-third larger than the preceding one. The greater part of the matterfor this edition was prepared by the distinguished author before his lamented decease in 1851. Some additions have since been made, and several errors corrected, on a careful revision of the former editions, by two members of the bar, so that the present edition is not only the largest, but the most valuable. Jfo lawyers Ubrary is complete without this valuable work. lis place cannot he supplied by amy other publication with which I am acquainted. Cincinnati, May 2, 1853.John

Book Details
PIBN: 1000093982
Category: Social Science – Law
Year: 1880
Language: English
Pages: 795
Words: 835476

Citation Styles
APA: Bouvier, John. A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America, and of the Several States of the American Union. London: Forgotten Books. (Original work published 1924)

MLA: Bouvier, John. A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America, and of the Several States of the American Union. 1924.


by Nicholas Murray Butler

Nicholas Murray Butler was an American educator, a diplomat, and a philosopher. His book entitled Philosophy is the print edition of a lecture he delivered at Columbia University in a series on science, philosophy, and art. When he initially gave the lecture, Butler was the President of Columbia University and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. The original purpose of the lecture was to present a concise view of several sciences and a view of philosophy as practiced during Butler’s career.

Butler’s long history as a philosopher easily established the credentials necessary for such a lecture. His words illuminate philosophy, outline the concepts, its method, and its true purpose in society. This lecture came at a time when new ideas of philosophy were taking main stage and Butler sincerely hoped that his words on the topic would drive people away from the “unfitting scientific garments in which some contemporary writers have sought to clothe philosophy” and instead toward a more classical understanding of this lost art.

While Philosophy emphasizes just one aspect of this great man’s life, it’s worth considering that after completing this lecture, Butler would go on to become the president of the Carnegie Endowment for International peace, and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize–arguably making his thoughts on any subject worthy of interest. He was a complicated man, but also a man of action. His thoughts and beliefs shaped a generation of philosophers. Butler’s deep interest in philosophy flows on each page making this book an intriguing read for individuals interested in philosophy and the life of this inspiring man.

Book Details
PIBN: 1000004763
Category: Philosophy – General
Language: English
Pages: 71
Words: 8680

Ancient India, 2000 B.c. – 800 A.d

by Romesh Chunder Dutt

The following computer-generated description may contain errors and does not represent the quality of the book:

The present volume is the first of a series of Epochs Of Indian History. To write a history of India on the scale of a Freeman, or even of a Macaulay, would, from the multiplicity and diversity of detail, be a task of superhuman magnitude. The story of India during the past four thousand years is the story not of one country but of many countries, not of one nation but of many nations, told not in one language but in many languages, and influenced in turn by the greatest religions of the world. In consequence we find the best historical work in the Indian field is bestowed upon special periods or particular areas. The result is evident in the shorter histories which attempt to cover the whole ground. There is a universal want of balance; the writer insensibly, but inevitably, brings to the front the epoch he has studied in detail, or the district where his experience has been gained. The present Series will endeavour to correct this tendency by assigning each epoch to a writer who has made it a subject of special research; while it will be the task of the Editor to endeavour to preserve continuity on the one hand and to prevent overlapping on the other.

Book Details
PIBN: 1000001995
Category: Ancient History – World
Year: 1904
Language: English
Pages: 209
Words: 61403
Unique Words: 6328 (excluding 311 stopwords)

Citation Styles
APA: Dutt, Romesh Chunder. Ancient India: 2000 B.c. – 800 A.d. (Original work published 1904)

MLA: Dutt, Romesh Chunder. Ancient India: 2000 B.c. – 800 A.d. 1904.

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1. india 2. hindu 3. hindus 4. age 5. ancient
6. religion 7. epoch 8. among 9. century 10. buddhist
11. king 12. civilization 13. known 14. veda 15. centuries
16. gods 17. rites 18. vedic 19. epic 20. kings
21. nations 22. northern 23. christ 24. history 25. works

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