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The Constitution the United States. Its Sources and Its Application

by Thomas James Norton

Americans of all political points of view often discuss the U.S. Constitution, but how well do they really know the document and its history? The Constitution the United States: Its Sources and Its Application gives the reader a crash course in the text of the Constitution and its sources. Thomas James Norton was a lawyer who argued before several high courts of appeals, and in this book his goal is to provide an annotated copy of the U.S Constitution so that readers could better understand the reason for each section.

As Norton’s annotations make clear, one cannot understand the Constitution without understanding the basics of the earlier ‘Articles of Confederation’, its strengths and weaknesses and why it ultimately failed. The Articles created a weak central government, which The Constitution sought to rectify without tipping the balance too strongly in favour of a mighty centralised government. The footnotes reveal the debate and compromise which led to the passage of each individual clause.

Key historical moments, such as the reign of King Charles I of England and the Short Parliament, are added to the text to explain how they shaped the attitudes of the men who wrote the Constitution. Norton also discuses the governments of Australia, France, Canada and Brazil for comparative purposes, which really enriches the experience for readers who are not well versed in comparative government. These explanations are brief, which keeps the book moving at a brisk pace.

Norton occasionally expresses strong opinions about historical events which may not be in line with how American constitutional history actually unfolded in the future, but his opinions do not interfere with the usefulness of the book. The Constitution the United States: Its Sources and Its Application is not overly technical and does not rely strictly on legal language. This makes the book digestible by everyone, from lawyers to historians to people interested in politics.

Book Details
PIBN: 1000197267
Category: Medieval to Early Modern History – USA and Canada
Year: 1922
Language: English
Pages: 307
Words: 96452
Unique Words: 6852 (excluding 311 stopwords)
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Citation Styles:
APA: Norton, Thomas James. (2013). The Constitution the United States: Its Sources and Its Application. London. (Original work published 1922)

MLA: Norton, Thomas James. The Constitution the United States: Its Sources and Its Application. 1922.

Most common words in this book
1. states 2. constitution 3. united 4. congress 5. court
6. president 7. law 8. supreme 9. act 10. government
11. amendment 12. war 13. clause 14. laws 15. held
16. senate 17. national 18. constitutional 19. courts 20. cases
21. sources 22. rights 23. application 24. convention 25. note

Catalogue of the Mercantile Library of Philadelphia

by Mercantile Library of Philadelphia

Catalogue of the Mercantile Library of Philadelphia was originally compiled by the Mercantile Library of Philadelphia located in Pennsylvania. This book acts as an “index” to the books and other materials inside the library rather than a than a true catalog of books. This publication was prepared to help readers find not only the books the library holds but also to ascertain the subject matter of each book and find other books grouped into similar subjects. This system was developed to assist readers in determining which books they would be interested in much more readily than they were able to do via the previous system.

Every book held by the Mercantile Library is included here and can be located either under the name of the author or under the leading word of the title. All entries are thorough in their attempts to fully identify the book and present a clear idea of the book’s scope and purpose. The publication also presents sidebar entries that explain certain topics in more detail and offer further exploration of a given book for the reader. Because a library collection is a constantly changing and evolving entity, this book provides more of an historic glimpse of the collection than one that is currently accurate.

Catalogue of the Mercantile Library of Philadelphia is an interesting read for individuals intrigued by libraries, library collections, and library history. This book is very well organized in its approach and relatively easy to navigate for the interested reader. For anyone who wants to know all of the books contained within the vast collection at the Mercantile Library of Philadelphia near the end of the nineteenth century – this is the book for you!

Book Details
PIBN: 1000398863
Category: Medieval to Early Modern History – UK and Ireland
Year: 1870
Language: English
Pages: 720
Words: 791295
Unique Words: 24823 (excluding 311 stopwords)

Citation Styles:
APA: Philadelphia, Mercantile Library Of. (2013). Catalogue of the Mercantile Library of Philadelphia. London (Original work published 1870)

MLA: Philadelphia, Mercantile Library Of. Catalogue of the Mercantile Library of Philadelphia. 1870.

Most common words in this book
1. history 2. mrs 3. english 4. trans 5. american
6. 1859 7. 1860 8. notes 9. 1866 10. book
11. england 12. 1864 13. letters 14. treatise 15. 1867
16. memoirs 17. 1857 18. 1865 19. 1863 20. historical
21. 1868 22. 1858 23. 1856 24. sketches 25. 1854

Giordano Bruno. In Memoriam of the 17th February 1600

by Alois Riehl

If you are intrigued by the notion of a semi-obscure philosopher then look no further than Giordano Bruno: In Memoriam of the 17th February 1600 , a eulogy for an original thinker and heretic, Giordano Bruno. Bruno was a Dominican priest who journeyed from faith in Catholocisim to faith in science during his short life, he was eventually tried by the Roman Inquisition and burned at the stake for his beliefs. This book is a brief introduction to his life and ideas.

It is philosopher Alois Riehl who writes in remembrance of Bruno’s life. Bruno was highly educated and had a special talent for philosophy; His writing on the nature of memory, De Umbras Idearum – The Shadows of Ideas, brought him to the attention of the highest Catholic authorities, including the Pope. Bruno’s books on memory posited that ideas are only the shadows of truth, which was a radical idea at the time. Although Catholic authorities were impressed by Bruno, that did not stop him from continuing to follow his own philosophical wanderings, even when they led him far from his vocation as a priest. He became a follower of Copernicus and soon started arguing that the sun was just one of several life-supporting stars, even envisioning other worlds full of alien beings. Soon Bruno was denying the existence of the Holy Trinity and Transubstantiation, which brought him within the purview of the Roman Inquisition. Bruno was forced to flee his home in Italy, ending up in the United Kingdom.

As Riehl explains, Bruno’s dedication to telling his own truths brought him into conflict wherever he went. His outspokenness caused a scene at Oxford University and even caused a row with the Archbishop of Canterbury. However, Bruno continued to publish his theories, eventually publishing more than 30 books on cosmology, mathematics and theology. The Roman Inquisition finally tried Bruno for denying key aspects of the Catholic faith as well as for supporting controversial cosmological theories. He was burned at the stake and is still seen as a martyr by some scientists and philosophers.

Riehl discusses Bruno’s theories, but only in brief, explaining that the reader should seek out Bruno’s books if he or she wants to know more. Instead, by focusing on biographical details, Riehl gives readers insight into Bruno’s character and the challenges that freethinkers faced during the 16th Century. Giordano Bruno: In Memoriam of the 17th February 1600 is an easy read that will leave you wanting to know more about this intriguing pioneer.

Book Details
PIBN: 1000207653
Category: Philosophy – Greco-Roman
Year: 1905
Language: English
Pages: 114
Words: 16514

Citation Styles
APA: Riehl, Alois. (2013). Giordano Bruno: In Memoriam of the 17th February 1600. London: Forgotten Books. (Original work published 1905)

MLA: Riehl, Alois. Giordano Bruno: In Memoriam of the 17th February 1600. 1905. Reprint.

Municipal Journal. January 5, 1918, Vol. 44

by Unknown Author

ublic Works Vol. 44 is a compilation of articles about cities across the United States, focusing in on particular municipalities of note. The articles in this book span a wide range of subjects which would be primarily important to residents of the cities explored; or even residents in similar cities who have encountered similar issues. These articles would also present engaging information for historians and students of history who are interested in political events that occurred in the Northwestern United States.

A variety of authors were approached in the making of this text, resulting in a plethora of authors submitting articles for publication with varied styles and approaches. Many articles in this book are about important city business like local power companies, local tax assessors, surveyors, where to find supplies, the layout and maintenance of city streets, and detailed police records. Some of the more distinctive articles discuss local individuals’ personal opinions on local issues such as “Extension of Water Mains,” “The Diffusion of Sewage,” and “After-the-war Prices on Water Works Construction.”

Public Works Vol. 44 contains a variety or articles about municipality policies and issues across a range of cities in the United States Midwest. These issues offer insight into the inner political workings of many American cities, which may be interesting to sociologists and individuals interested in city structures in the United States. This book is also interesting for people investigating previous decisions about municipality issues that they may be encountering in their own communities. This book is only one of many volumes in this series – the interested reader should look up other volumes for more information on similar topics.

Book Details
PIBN: 1000709519
Category: Administrative Records – General
Year: 1918
Language: English
Pages: 547
Words: 607357
Unique Words: 19486 (excluding 311 stopwords)

Citation Styles
APA: (2013). Public Works (Vol. 44). (Original work published 1918)

MLA: Public Works. Vol. 44. 1918. Reprint.

Most common words in this book
1. city 2. municipal 3. fire 4. company 5. public
6. service 7. cost 8. yes 9. plant 10. road
11. used 12. street 13. highway 14. journal 15. use
16. roads 17. war 18. department 19. cts 20. engineer
21. cent 22. concrete 23. york 24. words 25. construction

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