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Law in the western United States

Law in the western United States

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  • Creator or Attribution (Responsibility): Gordon Morris Bakken
  • Language: English
  • Publication Information: Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, ©2000
  • Publication Type (Medium): History
  • Type: Book
  • Series title: Legal history of North America, v. 6.
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XVI, 560 pages : ILlustrations ; 27 cm.

Purpose and Intended Audience

Useful for students learning an area of law, Law in the western United States is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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Bibliographic information

  • Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
  • Responsable Person: edited and with introductions by Gordon Morris Bakken.
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Number of Editions: 2 editions
  • First edition Date: 2000
  • Last edition Date: 2000
  • Languages: English
  • Library of Congress Code: KD532
  • ISBN: 0806132159 9780806132150
  • OCLC: 43919734

Main Contents

Introduction : the layers of Western legal history / John Phillip Reid
1. Codification of the law in the West / Andrew P. Morris
2. Vigilance movements in early California / John Joseph Stanley
3. Open range law in the American West / Roy H. Andes
4. Jailing the elephant : the early jails of California / John Joseph Stanley
5. Judicial removal in Western states and territories / Andre P. Morriss
6. Rough rider justice in the Dakota Badlands / John Joseph Stanley
7. Confederate privateers in California / Paul Kens
8. Burning Baghdad by the Bay : fire and arson in early California / John Joseph Stanley
9. Don't mess around in Texas : adultery and justifiable homicide in the Lone Star State / Paul Kens
10. Miranda v Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966) / Lonnie Wilson
11. The “pueblo water right” in California / Peter L. Reich
12. The “pueblo water right” in New Mexico / Peter L. Reich
13. The “pueblo water right” in Texas / Peter L. Reich
14. The riparian irrigation right in Texas / Peter L. Reich
15. Federal reserved water rights : the forest for the trees / Dale D. Goble
16. Making the West safe for the Prior Appropriation Doctrine / Dale D. Goble
17. Allocation of water resources / James W. Ely, Jr.
18. Enlargement of drainage ditches / James W. Ely, Jr.
19. Irrigation and eminent domain / James W. Ely, Jr.
20. Wyoming Constitution, Article VIII / Andrew P. Morriss
21. Water seeking and municipal legitimacy / Neil Greenwood
22. The unfulfilled promise of the Winters Doctrine / Emily Rader
23. “Without consent” : federal sovereignty over Bear Creek / Keith Pacholl
24. For now and always : Indian water rights in the early Twentieth Century / Vaness Gunther
25. Indian or citizen? Pueblo water rights defined in New Mexico / Keith Pacholl
26. Indian water rights in the West / Vaness Gunther
27. The fox guarding the hen house / Vaness Gunther
28. Defining the reservation and water rights at Wind River / Keith Pacholl
29. “Miners' law” : informal law in Western mining camps / Andrew P. Morriss
30. A modern VIew of the General Mining law of 1872 / Claudia Karin Hess
31. Hispanic mineral law in the Southwestern states / Peter L. Reich
32. Biddle Boggs v. Merced Mining Company : a contest of economic priorities in mid-Nineteenth-Century California / Donald Louis Stelluto, Jr.
33. Moore v. Smaw and Fre?mont v. Flower : a case of mineral rights and judicial activism / Donald Louis Stelluto, Jr.
34. Mining partnerships / James W. Ely, Jr.
35. Slouching towards coal land law / Nancy J. Taniguchi
36. Indian Country and the law : land tenure, tribal sovereignty, and the States / Imre Sutton
37. Tribes, bands, and claims / Thomas C. Mackey
38. The Indian giver / Vanessa Gunther
39. Indian sovereignty on tribal lands / Vanessa Gunther
40. Indian tribal sovereignty and gaming / Vanessa Gunther
41. Native American religion and the First Amendment / Vanessa Gunther
42. Native American religious freedom / Vaness Gunther
43. Crow Dog and the issue of tribal jurisdiction / Michael A. Powell
44. Theocracy vs. diversity : local vs. national in territorial Utah / Dale D. Goble
45. Mormon disfranchisement in Idaho : religious means to a political end / Michael A. Powell
46. “Not fit to enjoy the voting franchise” : Mormon disfranchisement in Nevada / Michael A. Powell
47. The reception of Mexican land in the United States / Andrew P. Morriss
48. The fate of pueblo rights in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco : Hart v. Burnett and the development of California's Public Trust Doctrine / Donald Louis Stelluto, Jr.
49. The Fre?mont case : confirming Mexican land grants in California / Paul Kens
50. The California Mexican land grants / Andrew P. Morriss
51. Lazarus v. Phelps and the closing of the Open Range / Roy H. Andes
52. Disputed ownership in Sacramento / Paul Kens
53. The Homestead Movement and the U.S. Supreme Court / Paul Kens
54. Cars and cows : colliding concepts on the Open Range / Roy H. Andes
55. Kansas Blue-Sky Law, 1911 : the beginning of modern securities regulation / Timothy L. Miller
56. The court strikes back : the hot oil cases / Nicholas George Malavis
57. Sword or constitution? Martial law in the oil patch / Nicholas George Malavis
58. Due when? / Thomas C. Mackey
59. Banking on the court and Congress / Brenda Farrington
60. Installment land contracts / Thomas C. Mackey
61. No soliciting allowed : Green River ordinances / Shenandoah Grant Lynd
62. The stockholder and corporate abuse of power : an ILlustrative case / Ken Hough
63. “Dummies” before the court : stockholders in Western Enterprise / Ion Puschila
64. One form of action rule / Thomas C. Mackey
65. Trial by jury : law and enquiry in the West / Timothy A. Strand
66. Determining the extent of power : Farmers' Loan and Trust Company and the Texas Railroad Commission / Janet Schmelzer
67. Taking a different track : a mid-Nineteenth-Century Wyoming Railroad employees' statute portends the future / Susan Badger Doyle
68. The struggle for the eight-hour day : Western labor law and the judiciary / Laurie Caroline Pintar
69. The struggle to survive : legislation, judicial review, and the Western wageworker / Laurie Caroline Pintar
70. Down in the mines : death, negligence, and the struggle for compensation / Laurie Caroline Pintar
71. Nevada's tax and national rights / Thomas C. Mackey
72. Nevada's tax cases : corporate equal protection and creation of the corporate person / Paul Kens
73. Law and the built environment / Neil Greenwood
74. Flower power in the ballot box : San Francisco and the Vietnam War / Neil Greenwood
75. Divorce Western style / Danelle Moon
76. The implications of the Brandeis brief / Dana Blakemore
77. Liquor licenses, laundries, and liberty / Paul Kens
78. Civil liberties, Chinese laboreres, and corporations / Paul Kens
79. American citizenship and Asian immigration / Lucy E. Salyer
80. “At the proper time” : the case of People v. de la Guerra / Paul Reed Spitzerri
81. The Sleepy Lagoon trial : synonym for in injustice and racial hatred / Susan Sanchez
82. Thorns in the roses : race relations and the Brookside plunge controversy in Pasadena, California, 1914-1947 / Howard Shorr
83. Unfulfilled promises : the legal and historical issues in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo / Richard Griswold del Castillo
84. Removal of ming debris / James W. Ely, Jr.
85. California Coastal Commission v. Granite Rock Co., 480 U.S. 572 (1987) : environmental regulation or land-use control? / Louise A. Halper
Appendix. Table of selected cases.

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